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I Will Be Your Ios Developer And Update Old Apps

About This Gig

Mobile applications are growing as smartphones are advancing in use and technology. Businesses are shifting from obsolete technologies to easier and simpler ones and smartphones do the major job now. From children to old people everyone uses mobile applications for different purposes. The majority of users are either on an Android platform or an iOS.

Building apps for these two major platforms is a hectic and tiresome job that can be eased just by using this wonderful new framework by Google. Flutter can build apps for both these major platforms as well as other ones by just using a single code base which makes life easier. 

So contact me if you have any idea that you want to get implemented using this awesome framework.


  • Authentication using Firebase 
  • Logins with social networks and email
  • Google Maps
  • Push Notification
  • Local Notification
  • API integration
  • Ads implementation
  • Phone Authentication
  • In-app purchases and payments systems
  • Publishing to play and app store
  • Database using Firebase or MySQLSQLite
  • Animated Front-ends
  • Machine Learning Kit 
  • Cameralocation, Cloud messaging, Augmented Reality, and much more

Note: Please inbox before placing an order

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